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— Central Park Damansara, Petaling Jaya

Tradition has it that the four-leaf clover is a symbol of good fortune, with each leaf representing the virtues of faith, hope, love and luck. This charm provides the inspiration for D’Clover Residences. Named after a thriving plant, the development is surrounded by lush greenery – both man-made and nature-made. Sheltered on one side by the sanctuary of a natural hill and forest landscape, the site merges with a meandering linear park and beautifully landscaped gardens dotted with ponds and waterscapes.

D’Clover Residences – Enveloped by Nature

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Design Your Life – (Completion Date TBA)

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A space for community and connections or for solitude and serenity; for hanging out or working out; for staying in and for going out; for getting in touch with the outdoors or all the enjoyment of city life. This is your canvas – a home with the spatial capacity, design intelligence and experiential vision to bring dreams to life.

Sizeable units ranging from 1,210 to 1,440 square feet provide ample space to express individuality and creativity. With flexible, hackable walls, the original four bedrooms layouts can be easily adapted to cater to different needs. In addition, ramps at the foyer and bathroom (available in elderly-friendly unit types) accommodate the requirements of elderly and special needs living.

Located in the heart of Petaling Jaya

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Central Park Damansara

The exemplification of an enviable location, D’Clover Residences sits at the intersection of city and nature. This North Petaling Jaya address is connected to major cities and neighbourhoods via a network of roads and highways, including the LDP, Penchala Link and soon- to-be completed DASH. Amenities, facilities and leisure choices abound – just like any coveted cosmopolitan address – while greenery surrounds, creating an oasis of calm within a city.

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